//072// - Blackcurrent Jazz 3 - Funky DL - CD Album - PRE-ORDER


Pre-order this CD version of Funky DL's "Blackcurrent Jazz 3", which includes the above track, "Trinity" featuring Cise Starr, Substantial & Lei-an.

Funky DL steps into the arena with his highly demanded album “Blackcurrent Jazz 3”. Seamlessly weaving his boom-bap style with jazz breaks throughout every track and topped with his smooth and often intense flow, his lyrical ability is top shelf and the beats are at an unequaled standard of excellence. The album showcases some of the finest Jazz Hip-Hop in the scene as it shifts through varied styles of Jazz and Jazz moods. With features from the Nujabes collaboratives Cise Starr and Substantial, the entire set oozes with golden droplets of musical magic moment after moment. The tone is set immediately as the album starts and continues an incomparable and superb standard of quality music right up until the final track.

Produced by Funky DL for Washington Classics © 2018

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