About Us

Founded in London, UK in 1997 Washington Classics started as - what was then - an outlet for releasing music independent from larger corporations. The brand focused on quality rather than profit and with its first two years, grew its reputation internationally alongside its artists Funky DL, Thursdays Love and Sienna. The initial focus was music, but with plans to expand into clothing and other merchandise.

During 2002, a joint partnership with The Rockwell Product Shop based in Osaka, Japan saw Washington Classics venture into clothing and special release CD's solely for Funky DL tours across many cities and towns in the far east. This would provide the catalyst for Washington Classics to eventually combine its own roster of music and clothing merchandise.

Washington Classics prides itself on its staple of 'quality', taking no shortcuts and cutting no corners to provide products that ensure the consumer is 100% happy and satisfied with their purchase. We have always been focused on the enjoyment our products bring to their respective owners. So whether a music CD, a vinyl record or quality clothing, the Washington Classics brand is and remains dedicated to good customer relations for a great customer experience.

We don't just like to do business, we love to do... 'Good business'.


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