//104// - The 4th Quarter - Funky DL - CD Album



The 4th Quarter is Funky DL’s ninth album released in 2007 through Washington Classics. DL himself has remarked that The 4th Quarter is one of his greatest personal creative achievements as a recording artist and states “This album to me is perfect, nothing need be added nor taken away… it’s flawless and no person on this earth can convince me otherwise… If I had never got the chance to make another album, I’d have been happy knowing I did the 4th Quarter”. The album has a unique concept which divides the 12 songs into 4 quarters of 3 tracks each, and each quarter then represents a particular style from DL’s sound being 1. Soul, 2. New Age, 3. Jazz and 4. Authentic. The 4th Quarter is evidently one of DL’s most remarkable works of art and it gains reverence from all over the world remaining one of DL’s best selling albums to date.

Produced by Funky DL for Washington Classics © 2007

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