//066// - 3 Instrumental CD Bundle - Funky DL - CD Albums - Special Offer - 3 for $40


Purchase this 3 CD album bundle of blissful instrumentals crafted by Funky DL. Perfect for the car, the CD bundle includes "Nights in Nippon", "February: A Rest in Beats Tribute to the Sounds of J Dilla & Nujabes" and "Marauding at Midnight: A Tribute to the Sounds of A Tribe Called Quest". All for a special offer total of $40.

*Album 1 : This is the very first time Funky DL has ever produced and released an instrumental album based on music that he has never recorded any vocals for. The 10 tracks on Nights in Nippon encapsulate the vibe and energy of the many places in Japan and this album is a perfect representation of the serenity absorbed through the nights of chilling, dining, entertaining and relaxing in one of the greatest countries in the world… “Nippon” (Japan).

**Album 2: Funky DL pays tribute to the legendary hip-hop sounds of J Dilla and Nujabes by recreating their famous songs on this fantastic album entitled... "February: A Rest In Beats Tribute To The Sounds of J Dilla & Nujabes".

***Album 3: Without sampling any breaks or loops, Funky DL has created the perfect audio tribute to arguably the greatest group in Hip-Hop history by remaking the beautiful sounds of A Tribe Called Quest's 1993 classic album "Midnight Marauders". The original album is considered a staple in the linear of Hip-Hop history and is the album that lead Funky DL to pursue his own two-decade career in the world of rap music. DL's new tribute serves as a beautifully presented homage for A Tribe Called Quest and Funky DL fans alike.

*Produced by Funky DL for Washington Classics © 2012

**Produced by Funky DL for Washington Classics © 2014

***Produced by Funky DL for Washington Classics © 2017

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